Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday On The Home Front

It is funny how things do work out sometimes.... I was so set to start school on the 4th. but found out the public school is starting on the 18th. so we changed the start date. I was feeling down about it but since then my girls have had three litter of puppies which has me up a ton of times through out the night& I have also found out I wasn't really prepaired to start school anyway, so it was a blessing we didn't start on the 4th.!
It has been very hot here in Florida (I like hot weather but this has been crazy). Last night it finally was a tick cooler so we took the horses out for a stroll. It was so nice to bond again with my man Roper - If you haven't tried horseback riding you should give it a try it really is wonderful.
We have been struggling with our swimming pool! The water keeps turning green. My husband has poured the chemicals in but it is still doing it. We covered it thinking the sun was making algae grow but that hasn't helped either. Any suggestions?


Sherri said...

The thing with the algea is that even after you kill it, it has to be vacuumed out, which is not always easy to do. What may look like live algea still in your pool could well be dead algea that needs to be vacuumed out. I HATE DEALING with algea. Give me cloudy water anytime, but please no algea. I hope you can get it cleared up. It's just so hard with the heat!!

Red said...

We've started to go back in slowly. I had wanted to keep some schooling over the summer, but with my surgery and all, we got a wee bit side tracked.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, puppies just in time to start school. Brings back memories of the newborns doesn't it? Ha. Hope you have a great start!