Friday, January 6, 2012

All I Hear Is Coughing : (

My whole family has now come down with this coughing sickness that my husband started a few weeks back and it is really wearing us all out! Kelly could not enjoy her time down at my son's house because she didn't feel well (she also had some throwing up involved besides the coughing). My son & daughter-in-law brought her home and the poor thing looked like a zombie. Of course now my son & daughter-in-law are also feeling sick : ( As I said my husband has had it for weeks now and he can't seem to get rid of it! My throat has gotten so soar from coughing, I gargle with salt water which helps a tiny bit but what I really need is some cough drops that work, the ones we have tried are more like candy then something that will actually stop the cough. I have my two day get-away on the 11th., I am going down to my son's house and we are going over to the Daytona International Speedway and watch the Nascar drivers test their cars and they also have chances to get autographs and Q & A sessions with the drivers so we need to get better quick!!
I think Kelly found out what was wrong with my computer.... the screen is dead. We hooked my computer up to my husband's monitor and I can still use her : ) I must say tho, when I was computerless I did find time to read more, clean the house and go horseback riding and a number of other things so I am hoping to try and stay off her a bit more.
Oh yea, I have already blown my New Year's resolutions that I had made.... I have been drinking diet soda & I ate some cheesedoodles : ( I have no willpower when I am stressed.
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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Rhonda said...

I hope that everyone gets well soon. That old nasty bug is surely going around. I still have a little cough from being sick on New Year's Eve, but I am on the mend. Glad to hear that your computer is running. I am so lost without my computer, but I have to agree that I can get much more done when I am not on it.