Monday, January 2, 2012

Bad Mother Of The Year Award For 2012!

Okay here we are only a day into the New Year and I have already won the "Bad Mother Of The Year Award For 2012"!! Yes, I have done a very bad thing..... I fogot the date of Kelly's birth (Feb. 19th.)!!!!!! I honestly could not remember if it was the 18th or the 19th of Feb., I was even trying to convince Kelly it was the 18th.! The poor child just looked at me like I hurt her heart : ( I feel sooooo terrible about it, What mother forgets her own childrens birthday?????
I told her I am blaming it on perimenopause - I am 48 yrs old, my period is a week late, I'm a nasty son of a gun, moody, and I have lost my brain! So I really think I have started the first faze of menopause. Of course this does not excuse my forgetting Kelly's birthdate, I will NEVER live that down!
So don't worry moms out there I have already won the award for 2012 so you all in the clear : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!


Fatcat said...

Well I am continually mixing my sons up the other day I said
Dev, Dan, Dev, Dan - you know, the big one. I'm sure that does a lot for their egos, as does calling the dog Daniel. The other day, I said, 'someone put Daniel out." meaning Max, the dog. :-)

Freakmom said...

Perimenopause is roaring here too. A few days ago I forgot how to turn on my washing machine and thought for sure it was broken and we'd have to call the repair man.