Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Freezing Down Here In Florida : (

What a temp. swing, just the other day we had 77 degrees and it was sunny almost to the point where you were sweating... then today it is about 32 degrees with a chilling wind! The high today is said to get up to about 46 degrees - Yikes! That's pretty dam cold for us here in Florida!! We had the fireplace going last night but that sucker really doesn't give off much heat at all : ( I really don't think our heater/airconditioner works so we will be layering up on clothes for sure!

I had hoped to start back on our homeschooling this week but it looks like my son wants to take Kelly for a few days down to his house to keep my daughter-in-law busy (she is feeling a bit in the dumps about losing her job). Soooo needless to say we will be off another week. With all of my "issues" this week, I'm kinda glad we won't be dealing with school work.

My computer has been acting up also, it just goes to black screen for no reason. It has done it a few times already this morning so that sure isn't a good sign : ( I would be lost without her : 0 )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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