Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inside the Living Body dvd

We finished up the "Inside the Living Body" dvd, WOW! I think everyone should get a chance to watch it!! Of course it's not ment for the younger crowd and it does have some "gross" moments but I think it would be an eye opener for every teen for sure. I have to say when they got to the body at 45 year old & then again a the 50 year old body I was really saddened.... It really hit home for me on what is now taking place in my body. It was AMAZING seeing food turn to fat, you actually see it inside the body and how it lays on and blocks many of your important body parts causing many life threatening issues! As I had mentioned Kelly is very embarrased by any of the scenes that delt with sexual awarness, reproduction ect. so we skipped over a few of those so I can't speak for the entire dvd but from what I have seen it gets my WOW factor for sure!!

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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