Monday, January 16, 2012

Back To The Grid Stone For Us : )

Good Evening Blogging Buddies! Hope everyone is doing well : )
Things are getting back to"normal" here, We hit the grid stone today and got some school work done which felt GREAT!
I did get a chance to go away to my son's house and spent some time down at the Daytona International Speedway on thurs., It felt wonderful to get away but with Kelly home sick I really couldn't enjoy myself. We kept texting her the whole time to make sure she was okay. She did fine without me and was no worse for wear when I got back. I just really enjoy my kids and outtings just don't seem as fun unless we are all together.
Back to our school day today, We starting watching "Inside the Living Body"
Wow, Is all I can say! You are able to view inside a real human and see food going into the mouth and then the path it takes through out the body amazing! The way they are able to show you how we grow from a baby to adulthood is also amazing! We are up to the age of being an adolescent and the interests it brings of the opposite sex. It was interesting how they showed a real egg inside a female and how it gets flushed out with your monthly period unless of course if it meets up with a male sperm. Kelly cracked me up when she said "So I am like a chicken, I have eggs" : ) Kelly gets real embarrassed with all the talk of sex and such so it should be an interesting day tomorrow, I'll let you know how the rest of the dvd turns out.
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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