Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yes, We Had Frost : (

I can not belive how cold it has gotten down here in my area of Florida!!
Last night was sooooo cold, I was freezing! Of course like I mentioned yesterday, Our heater does not work! Nothing like finding that out during a week long cold spell with temps. dipping down into the 30's. I'm just glad Kelly is staying down at my son's place and is warm, you know it is cold in the house when the dogs are shivering : ( We had the fireplace going but dam that thing did not give off much heat, I pushed the couch by it so I could get some sleep but I really can't rest when the fireplace is on.... I'm letting the logs burn out and I have open the curtains trying to let in some sunlight to warm the place up a bit (we don't have may logs and will need them for tonight).
The biggest news is my computer died! I was worried about her since she started to go to black screen for no reason but now I can't get her working at all. The sad part is I have all of our school work on it. I know your saying why didn't you back up your files and such, honestly I don't know how to put anything on to a disk so I just never think about it : ( I'm hoping I can have her looked at when ever we get some money together. In the mean time I have my husband old computer which I will try and use but it runs a very old windows program so you are unable to see alot of things.... but hey I can still read all of your blog posts on your sites so that is a good thing : )
My husband also broke the door lock this morning on the front door, I guess it froze and he forced it to close and bamo it's broken, but at least it broke while locked instead of broken while open with no way to keep the door closed! I have to use the side door now which doesn't have stairs, I just put a chair out there and use that to get in and out - They don't call me Donna MacGyver for nothing. It looks terrible but hey it works and that's all that matters : )
It sure has been a crazy week already and we are only on Wed.!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!


AliciaCC said...

I have a door handle out in the shed if you need one don't have the key to it let me know I can run it over (I am the Alicia behind you)

Donna said...

Hey there Girl!
Thanks for writting, My husband bought a new bolt lock so we are able to use the door again. Thanks for the offer I appreciate it and for reading my blog!

AliciaCC said...

I am blogging now aswell I am on DenSchool and of course my blogs are under AliciaCC yea I check out your blog every now and then anyhow takecare