Monday, January 11, 2010

Computer died :(

Our computer has a nasty virus - it was terrible, We had to delete the entire contents of the computer : ( It was like losing a bunch of friends since I lost all of my favorite links & documents. To top the day off my son's car broke down again at 3:30am this morning. It was during one of our coldest days yet, when he was on his way to work. I feel for the kid he bought this mustang thinking if he paid a bit more (close to $7,000) for it he would get a car he could count on but it really is a clunker :(
On a good note, My son got the laptop working that my in-laws gave me for Christmas (doesn't Christmas seems like ages ago?). He bought this device that allows you to run more then one computer at a time - Yea! To be honest I don't like the laptop at all.... I like having a mouse to work with. Kelly was all over the laptop at first but now she is eyeing up this computer again, I don't think she likes not having a mouse either.
We are really struggling with getting back to school work! It has been sooooo cold here that it is hard to get going. It is like all you want to do is hibernate - wrap the blankets up around your neck and sleep the day away.... It really is too cold here, it is so sad to see the manatee's in the lakes and canals struggling to stay warm. They have had to rescue the sea turtles because they are becoming paralized from the ultra cold water. The crops down here are struggling also, I can imagine that the prices for oranges, strawberries, corn will increase very soon. The fern growers also are desperate to keep their ferns alive. Anyway, they say we are going to warm up this week, I sure hope so!


April said...

You can use your old mouse in your laptop--I do. Or for about $14 you can get one that will have a usb that will fit into the laptop.

It really hurts when computers die. I lost all my photos and family history that way--now I back up on cd's.

Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear about the computer going out. Hopefully the laptop will come in handy until you can get your computer fixed. So sorry to hear about your son's car too. What a bummer. It has been cold here too and no matter how fuzzy my socks may be I just can't seem to keep my feet warm at all. Brrr. Stay warm hon.