Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teenage PMS - Oh My!

I really don't know how public school teachers teach a room full of teenage girls who are PMS'ing! I have one and what a handful she is this week!
For starters our computer again got that 2010 virus thing, I had to do systems restore again.... when the computer isn't working right she is a crank pot but add in the PMS and we have a monster on our hands.
We watched a cd about Hitler - this one was alot better, it moved very quickly but it gave us some background to work with. Took a lunch break and then watched a math cd (I knew it wasn't a good idea to do two cd's in one day but I went ahead and did it anyway). The fellow showed us the latice method for multiplication. I had never tried it before and I found it to be useful but Kelly refused to even try it : ( We will work on it tomorrow but not sure if I will have Miss Jekyll or Miss Hyde to work with!

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