Monday, January 4, 2010

Holy Cow It Sure Is Cold Here In Florida!!!!!!!

Wow, It sure has been cold here! We have deep freeze warnings for most of this week : (
I woke up this morning and it looked like it had snowed, the ground was all white from frost.
I know low 20's doesn't sound cold to you all up north but it is terrible cold for us here in Florida!
Our horses have been looking at us like "What The Heck Is This Weather!", I took my sleeping bag and have tied it around my horse Roper to try and warm him up a bit (He is a bit older then my daughter's horse Chance so I figure he deserves the blanket). I just hate it for them having to stand out there in this terrible cold weather - They just are not used to it at all. I have been running around the house for days now trying to shut off anything using electric in my New Year's Eve to do list of lowering our electric bill but now with us having to put the heat on thats shot!
I sure hope it warms is soon!!!!!!!!!

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