Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling Kinda Sad.....

Feeling kinda sad today....
My son and his girlfriend went and filled out an application for that apartment that they want to rent together, they are hoping to be able to move into in March I think. I can't belive how sad this makes me feel, I guess it's like when your child goes off to college and leaves for the first time for a long period of time. It's sad but I would rather them move out together then get married at this time since there has been so many rough patches for them. In my gut I can't see this lasting very long but maybe they will surprize me. I just can't belive how sad I am feeling about the whole moving out thing! I really don't see him very much now but it is so nice to know that he is home at night and safe. The apartment they are looking at is right across the street from the Daytona International Racetrack behind the mall there. It sure will be different from living where we are now.... Is it normal to be so sad about a 20 year old moving out???
On to Kelly and school work, we watched a four vol. video set about the great depression that I got out from the library, We found it to be very interesting. You know that one picture you always see from the depression era of the women with her two daughters tucked up around her neck and the women is looking so sad? Their story is so sad, the women's husband had died, she had seven children to take care of all by herself. The fields where she had hoped to be paid to pick the peas froze and there was no work for her at all. She sold the tires off of her car for food for the children... they had been eating the frozen peas. Can you imagine having to deal with those types of conditions!
We are moving onto Hilter next, I signed up again for Netflix (we couldn't really afford it but I felt like Kelly is doing so much better with watching and learning that I'll give it another go) we have a bio movie picked out about him, we should get in a few days. Other then that we have been moving at a snails pace since the holiday break! I think the biggest problem has been me and not being organized enough for the lessons.

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