Monday, January 25, 2010

Plans Out The Window Already

I was all geared up to start my pre-planned schedule today..... but early this morning we had a nasty thunder storm which woke us all up way to early! We started the morning off cranky and complaning which is not how I was hoping to get the day off to it's start.

My son decide to go have his taxes done, We were going to do it over the internet with the free turbo tax since his tax return is cut and dry but I just felt a bit nervous about it since he sooo needs the money to get his car fixed and I just didn't want to miss any of the possible tax deductions. We went to Jackson Hewitt, they charge him $100.00 to fill out his taxes (luckly I had printed out a $25.00 off coupon, so it cost him $75.00 - Ouch!). He is getting back $790.00, He needs $1,400.00 to fix the car.... and if you remember he is also moving out at the end of Feb.! I don't know how this boy is going to afford it all : (
Anyway, after we got back from Jackson Hewitt the day was already shot! I made a quick lunch of hotdogs and we got to school work, We started off with a netflix cd "Discovering England", Gosh it is georgous over there!!!!! I would love to live there. All the beautiful castles and the buildings are just made with such care. I told my husband our 25th anniversary is coming up on Feb. 23 can we go there???? Only in my dreams. The cd was 2 hrs. long so that was all we got done today : ( I just hate days like this! Tomorrow nothing is planned so we should be able to get more school work done - I hope....


Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear that the day didn't work out as you planned it, but hey a 2 hour movie on England wasn't half bad if ya ask me. I would also like to make a visit there. Yep, only in my dreams too. LOL!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well if you cant go there you can at least travel vicariously through videos! We are actually in the process of planning a trip to Europe. I guess I should watch a few videos!

Better luck tomorrow with your goals.