Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday's This And That

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! They go by so fast.....
Have you noticed that so many homeschooling blogs are now like watching/reading a commercial? It seems to me so many are reviewing this product or that. I had to go back over my favorites and remove some of them, I love reading about products/curriculum that is working for each family but to constantly be reading about items that they have never used seems just to commercially to me : (
I was reading a blog how this mom prints out the entire year schedule and of course has to tweek it here and there but pretty much has a road map to follow. So I figure we have about 18 more weeks left of school, I printed off our schdule form and was all ready to get organized and then I just sat there looking at the form.... I can't seem to plan that far in advance. I know we are going to finish off the BiblioPlan America and the World: 1850-2000, work through Galloping the Globe (not sure how many countries we will finish), pick and choose some chapters from the Apologia Zoology 1 book (we have covered a large number of the topics in the book already from other sources), Beyond Five In A Row/Above And Beyond Fice In A Row - We are working through as many of the books as we can, Math - I was reading over on one of my fav. how the mom was thinking of making up her own math book which I think I am going to do. As for the other topics spelling/grammar/nature study they all seem to be falling to the wayside. I would really like a road map for us though it might help me keep Kelly moving.... Well I have all day today to think about it and maybe I can get something down on these blank papers : )


Rhonda said...

I have a weekly plan book. I mean I do have all of the books set up for the year in the beginning,but then we just take it one week at a time. It is a lot easier for me to do it this way. I may plan as much as a month in advance when a holiday is coming up and there is something that I want to cover, but other than that I am a weekly planner. It works out for me just fine. I hope that you get your schedule together and good luck.

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay you may not believe me but I dont do lesson planning except for my Kindergarteners. We do a lesson in all five subjets every day. If the subject is not set up as a lesson than the kids do a minimum of two pages like in Math or a chapter in science or whatever. Thats the beauty of using a curriculum instead of reinventing the wheel. I school 7 kids in 7 grades so there is no way I can plan for each one. Oh yeah, I add stuff to it to make it fun but I dont stress it. By the time the end of the year rolls around the kids have completed the grade and usually more.