Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Times You Can Just Talk Till You Are Blue In The Face....

And your children still won't listen to you!
My son who is 20 years old has decided to move out with his on again off again girlfriend. If you remember they were supposta be married this March but she broke up with him, they got back together and she broke up with him AGAIN and now they are back together. You would think from just all these break ups that the relationship is not a stable one at the moment but they have decided to move out together. We have talked to him to try and make him see how this is just setting himself up for a big fall especially if they sign a year lease for an apartment and she breaks up with him again and leaves him having to pay for the apartment by himself (which even with his two jobs he could not do). He just won't listen to anything we say, He feels they can do it. At this point I have just had to step back and let things fall where they will. If you remember his car is also broke AGAIN and needs a new engine $1,400!
Kids they sure do make your hair gray : (

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Luke said...

Ugh. Hang in there! And may this work out for the best.