Thursday, April 15, 2010

BiblioPlan / Earth: Biography

Well I went ahead and bought my history plan for next school year....
I really am jumping the gun this year.
We are using BiblioPlan 1850-2000 this year, we really enjoyed it so I figured we should just stick with it again for next year. The best part is that BiblioPlan is now including their highschool supplement in their main plan which soooo works for me, this way we can vary our grade level readings when needed.
We are using the four year history cycle so we will be working on Ancients. Not one of my favorite time periods, but hopefully I can keep Kelly interested in it.
I will also be buying the parent companion supplement that goes along with the Ancient plan when it comes out. It is only in e-book form which I hate, I have tried those many times and seem to spend so much more on ink & paper : (

We have been watching another fantastic series on dvd called "Earth: The Biography" as a matter a fact it covered the volcanoe that just erupted on Iceland. Today we watched about the atmosphere, It really is so very interesting!

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