Saturday, April 10, 2010

L@@k What We Found

We found this birds nest with 4 eggs in it!
The mommy bird built this nest inside our pool filter, Not the best of spots!
We can not belive how small the eggs are. They are a greyish color and have spots on them. When we went out to take this picture the mommy bird was sitting on the nest. You can not imagine how small she is, she can fit into the filter.... I am not sure what type of bird she is, she is brown in color but flew off so quickly I didn't get more details.
I hope all goes well and we have baby birds... They sure will be small : )


Rhonda said...

How exciting! I wish you would have know what kind of bird it was. Maybe you and Kelly can do some sneaking up on it and study it to find out.

Jennifer said...

I love finding bird nests with eggs. Try using this site to identify the eggs you have