Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have You Made A Volcanoe ?

I was wondering if any of you have made an erupting volcanoe?

If you did, Could you share the plans you used with me.

Kelly & I are starting this Geology Unit Study, When we get to the volcanoe section I would like to make one. I have never in all of my schooling days made one nor has my husband. I did find these volcanoe instructions on the computer. Has anyone used this one before? I have plaster of paris on hand so I want to use that to build the mountain.
I'd love to see any pictures you took of your volcanoes also : )
Thanks for your help!


Jennifer said...

We've madde a volcano before. We made homemade play dough and shaped it around a water bottle and then filled it with baking soda and added the vinegar with red food coloring. Here are a few pictures. Scroll down and then click on the pictures to make them bigger.,%20Rocks%20&%20Volcanoes.html

Phyllis said...

I have made them before in the sandbox. We took a bottle and put some baking soda in it, then put sandcastle-damp sand all around it to look like a volcano and then added vinegar and red food coloring.
This year one of the boys bought a tiny plastic volcano at the little store in Cracker Barrel. It works on the sample principle. A little movie of it is at the bottom of this post, if that helps.