Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feeling Kinda Depressed Today : (

I woke up in a depressed funk today... I hate it when that happens! It just ruins the day : (
I think it stems from my son getting married on May 15th., they had talked to the paster last night and I was kinda hoping he would have advised them to slow down and wait awhile, but he didn't. Besides all the emotions I feel about that, I just hate that I am soooo overweight for his wedding. I am going to be so embarrased walking down the isle. I keep asking myself if I am so embarrased why don't I do something about it, but I am a nervous eater and anything that stresses me or makes me nervous I eat over. You have always been able to tell how things are going with my life by how I look : ( This year has been one of the worst, with living on unemployment & food stamps for months with no end in sight for a job. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke or even drink coffee so I have no way of easing my stress. One time I used walking/jogging/biking as a way to get away from it all but you wouldn't want to do that where I live now - to scarry. I had hoped I had more time before they got married to shape up but I am going to try and loss some pounds in the three weeks I have. I have about 50 lbs. to loose to get into okay shape... I pray I can get moving on this weight loss for many reason!


Rhonda said...

Sending prayers to help you on your weight loss journey. Just remember though, your son loves you no matter what. You are his mom. ♥

Fatcat said...

Donna, just make up your mind to enjoy this special event without worrying about your weight! It's just a dumb old number on the scale!

Freakmom said...

You will look far more beautiful than you will realize. Don't worry about the scale. Think about your son and his bride's special day.

Phyllis said...

We all struggle with the same problems you talk about...about losing weight, about keeping our houses clean. I think it is the great American myth that everyone shouldn't have these problems and that you are abnormal if you have them. Truth is that most of us have these problems and it is unusual if you don't. Don't beat up on yourself. Enjoy life as it comes to you.