Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

I can't belive it is Sunday already, I had to check twice to make sure.

We have been keeping a close eye on the baby birds, We actually saw one being born! It cracked the shell and worked it's tiny body out using up a ton of energy, It was amazing to watch. They are so pink and skinny, they sure don't look like birds. I just checked this morning on the nest and the mom was looking out at me, for a moment I thought the babies had turned color already and were looking at me, that is how small she is.... We are really going to look into ways of making our back yard more bird friendly. We have two acres but hardly any trees at all but I will see what we can do - Any ideas?

Last night we had the biggest spider I have ever seen in our house! It was HUGE & fast! Kelly took a picture of it - I will post if it came out. Instead of being a big girl and just smack it with my shoe, I was acting like a big baby. I grabbed my husbands golf club and wacked at it but missed. Kelly went running into her room so I was left with this huge beast myself. I swang at him again and tore down my world map. Then he ran under my dog crates - So needless to say this huge beast is still in the house! YIKES!

Our scheduled last day of school (we use the same schedule as the public school to make it easier for me) is June 9th. I am hoping to finish up everything by then. We just got through with World War II, now we are going to move on to more current history ex. korean war, civil rights, the 60's, ect. the BiblioPlan has us covering all of this and up to the 90's in 10 weeks - Whooo that will be a lot to digest. This week we are studying Antartica - I have books from the library & netflix is sending a dvd.. Can't wait to find out more out that icy area.

21 more days until my son gets married! You know how I was whinning about being fat and how I HAD to loose weight before the wedding.... Well God fixed my boat, I got a major toothache! A piece of my old silver filling is wiggly and ready to fall out. I am fine drinking a beverage but when I go to eat food - Wow, I get a shooting pain. I guess you really have to watch what you pray for : )

Have a wonderful day today!

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