Saturday, April 10, 2010

Driving Permit - Yikes

Well I went and did it now! I stopped off at the DMV and picked up the paper work for Kelly to get her driving permit.... I know I was the one who kept saying she is too young. I really just wanted to get the booklet so she can see how many things she will need to study before she can hit the road. The lady there was very nice and filled me in on the requirements and to tell you the truth I was shocked. To get her permit Kelly only has to take a four hour drug course either at a location or on-line, then take a written test either at the DMV or on-line and she pays something like $53.00 and she is ready to get behind the wheel - Yikes! Soooo we have left it pretty much up in the air when all this will take place, of course she wants to get moving on it but I am thinking I will just keep testing her on the booklet material for awhile.


Rhonda said...

Wow she is so lucky! Here in our state it is mandatory that a driver's course is taken and that driver's course costs us $300.00 before Hannah could ever get her permit. It was not even worth the $300.00 but it is something that had to be done before she got her permit. Good luck Kelly!

Donna said...

I was surprized at how little was needed. My gosh, anyone could take the class & the test on the computer and say she did it...
I would think they would at least require her to do the test in front of them.
Oh well, I'm still hoping to put it off for awhile.
Thanks for posting : )

sunshineperri said...

Donna, has drivers education on its course and it's free. It has the part about the drug test and she won't have to go to a 4 hour class. Visit and check it out. I made Trina take a few course on there.