Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is It Tuesday Already....

It's been tough getting back to school work....
I am all over the place with it so that is never a good thing!

It's funny I have been reading a number of posts about people getting ready for next year which of course got me thinking. That's the thing I LOVE about homeschooling, there are just soooo many options and things to learn. Every year that we homeschool is so different, I settle my mind in one area but then another area worries me. I have a plan for next year (Kelly starts 9th grade), I will post my curriculum ideas in another post.

I did want to ask if any of you have ever worked on just one subject a day? I was talking to Kelly about how we are starting a unit type study this week and we are going to start reading "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" she said "Mom, you are just going to mix me up - We are still reading "Hitty". We are reading Hitty for our Above and Beyond Five In A Row title - "Brighty" will be for our science class work. I'm trying to figure out if I just put one class a day and really work with it instead of the short lesson spans that we have doing if maybe that would sit better with her grasping more of the info..

It's 10:45am and Kelly is still sleeping, She sure wouldn't be able to do that if she was in public school : )

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School for Us said...

Hi. I'm glad you enjoyed my post about elephant seals. Thanks for commenting!

After Spring Break and a trip, I finally feel like we are "back in the swing of things" this week. And, I'm busy planning for next year, too!

I haven't ever tried doing just one subject a day, though I know a friend who does. (Her blog is Martin Zoo - you can see my sidebar.) I do sometimes just do science or history during the week - not both at the same time. That seems to often work out well.