Monday, December 5, 2011

Life Skills: Disaster Preparedness

We started working on another one of Kelly's Life Skills: Disaster Preparedness. We are using "Handbook To Practical Disaster Preparedness For The Family" by Arthur T. Bradley, Ph.D. Kelly was very interested in jumping right in with this book, she didn't want us to spend to much time reading over the first few intro. chapters. I thought that this was going to be a bad sign for this book, but she settled right in when we got to the actual "what to do" sections. We covered tornadoes today, We worry about those alot since hurricanes here in Florida tend to spawn a number of tornadoes. Thank God we have never seen one or had to deal with one so far. Just the thought that we live in a doublewide mobile home always makes me worried, We have no area that is safe to go to if a tornado does come our way. The book says to go outside and find a ditch to jump into and cover your head with your arms... We will go outside tomorrow and scout some ditches, but not sure how much time we would really have to be able to make it over to the ditch. We would have looked today, but the dam goats got out of their pen today. Kelly & I spent a good part of the early evening tonight getting the fence fixed and getting them back in. I hate when I have to wait for my husband to come home to fix something. I want to be able to do it myself, but this time I could not hammer down the stakes into the dirt far enough : ( I would really love to get rid of the goats, but with the way things are here in our area the people who would be interested in taking them would be using them for meat and I could not live with myself if that were to happen to them!
We also watched "Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: Sodom and Gomorrah", It was animated which I wasn't sure what Kelly would think of that but she seemed to have liked it (It did have some really corny singing in it which I thought we could have done without). In one part it showed Lotts people stabbing Abraham in the arm/hand, Kelly looked at me and said there was no mention of that in the other dvd we watched about Abraham. That made me really happy to know she really is watching and taking in the info. and remembering it too!! Whooo Hooo!
We read one of the book I had gotten out from the library on "The Human Body". We are getting going on our Biology course which includes the body. We have been really slacking on science since we are so enjoying history lately. We need to get the ball rolling on it....
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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