Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simply Charlotte Mason - Your Business Math Series

Whooo Hooo!

Kelly & I were able to get a hold of an e-book version of the "Simply Charlotte Mason - Your Business Math Series (Pet Store)" I couldn't wait to get started with it! I plugged in my printer and got out enough paper to start to print out the student book, which is 179 pages and wouldn't you know it it has blue ink in areas : ( I was so disappointed. I only have black ink, so I looked up on the Target webpage and the price for a black/color pack of 21/22 combo ink is $31.99 YIKES! It's bad enough I was trying to put the $13.99 aside for another black ink, but now I need both... I guess I will have to wait till after the holidays to print, hopefully by then I can get the color ink.

Kelly said to me "Mom, Have you noticed that we can never get the correct stuff together to make our homeschooling day roll". It is so true! I just can never get the right books when we need them, either I am waiting on an inter-library loan book which I never know how long those will take sometimes a week someimes 3 weeks or the library doesn't have the correct book and I try and see if we can buy the books which takes for ever in this house or we have to wait on Netflix to send the next dvd we requested (sometimes they inform me that the "dvd will be sent at a later date"), or like now we have the correct curriculum but can't print it out! Yikes! Ahhhh but life is good and we will get it all together eventually - I hope : )

Like they say "Don't sweat the small stuff"!!!!

Have a great day & God Bless!

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