Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Year Anniversary of Our Fire!

Can you belive it has been a whole year since that fire which almost took our home! It seems like only a few short months ago... Here are the before and after pics. (We didn't get many of the fire when it was happening because we had left the camera in the house and couldn't get it until they felt it was safe for us to go back into our home). I just went outside and took the "after" shots, you can see how nature mends itself and wants to restore things to the way they were. Almost all of our 2 acres where burnt, but you can see that the palmetto bushes have all grown back already. Most of the trees that got burnt are dead. The woodpeckers are loving it tho, you can see in some of the pictures how they are stripping the bark right off the dead trees.

Sure was a scarry day, and I "Thank God" for saving the house!! It really was only by the act of God that the fire which was racing right towards the house slightly moved to the left and missed our goat house by inches.... My husband & I talked about that the other day and he said "Somebody sure was watching out for us that day"!


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