Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mixing Two Blogs into One : )

As you can see from my header I am combining my two blogs into one, I find it hard to find time to post on both.

I forgot to post about the sad thing that happened yesterday.... When I went out to feed the horses in the morning, Chance Kelly's horse back kicked one of my "baby" chickens and killed it : ( I was so heart broken! If I had just been a bit faster getting over to the issue I saw starting to happen between the two I may have been able to stop it. He killed the dark brown one, she was a real beauty too. I just hate when a healthy animals dies it just seems so senseless.

I started reading "Money Secrets of the Amish" by Lorilee Craker, Not loving it but I'll let you know as I get into it a bit further...

We had a fantastic dinner tonight and it was so healthy too : ) We had fresh broccoli, a lettuce/tomato/cucumber salad & a Bosca chicken patty. It was soooo good. I just LOVE fresh veg. (my local produce stand just picked the broccoli yesterday). I'm gearing us up for a more healthy new year...

Until Next Time - God Bless!!

P.S. - I just got a call from my son, My daughter-in-law just lost her job! Things are really tough around here so finding another will be really hard. He says they will be okay with just his job but they pay $700.00 a month in rent so I am worried for them. Life sure has it's ups and downs : (

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Freakmom said...

I'm sorry for your loss, I know how you love the girls!

And sorry about your DIL's job. I hope she finds another soon.

Happy New Year!