Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Well here we are at Christmas Eve, One more day and this holiday will be over!
Can you tell I have not had a good couple of days... It's not from trying. My son & daughter-in-law invited me down to their house for dinner and to spend the night, I jumped at the chance to get away and see their Christmas tree. When looking at their tree I see a ton a presents for my husband & I, now most people would be happy to see this but not me, it made me depressed knowing we have like one card each for them. They also bought Kelly a number of presents which I am happy about since we were only able to get her four items this will give her something to look forward to.
Then my husband's boss told him they will not be working at all next week... this was very unexpected since he had said they were busy and would work thru the holiday - When you live week to week like we do this is a gut buster and to top it off his boss said no Christmas bonus this year as he didn't make enough.. My husband told him he was just happy to have a job and that was bonus enough which is true bu man we could of used that bonus : (
So needless to say I am counting the minutes until this holiday season is OVER!!

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