Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Having One Of "Those" Days Today : (

I am having one of those days were you want to go outside and scream at the top of your lungs kinda day : (
Nothing life shattering just little things that you sit there and shake your head about... We have rural postal delivery so in the past the mailman would carry stamps if you needed to buy some, Well today I left money & a note out in the box for 6 stamps. The postman took down the note and left it in the box and took the money but left no stamps. If he didn't have any with him don't you think he would have written on the note saying he would bring them tomorrow? Not sure if we will ever see the stamps or the $2.64 again, they may be history. Then in the mail he did drop off I got a letter about our food stamps, they said I need to send copies of my husbands last 4 weeks of paychecks.... I had done that on Dec. 5th. it shows they downloaded it on their site but yet this letter dated the 12th is asking for the info. again. They are sticklers, if you don't get the correct paperwork in on time they close your account no questions asked so I guess I will have to send the same stuff in again and hope for the best. Then I e-mailed the "new" lawyer to see what is going on about the wills, I have been getting the feel since I signed the paper stating that I am employing him that things have come to a stand still AGAIN! He e-mailed me back stating the same mumbo jumbo as the last e-mail he sent me a number of weeks ago....That's the kinda day I have been having, everything I have done needs to be done again.... I just hate that!

I posted a picture of Kelly & her "man" Chance that I took, I thought it came out really nice & I also posted a picture my daughter-in-law took of my son & daughter (I took the same shot but hers came out better). I tell you, you would never guess those two were brother & sister! They both look so different from each other... my daughter has said more then once that she thought she was adopted since none of us look like her (and because we have so few pictures of her - Bad Mom Award Goes To Me!). They are so different in so many ways but I wouldn't trade either one of them for any other kid in the whole wide world!! : )

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