Thursday, December 8, 2011

MOH Lesson 15 Joseph

We watched "The Bible Collection: Joseph" dvd. It took us a few days to finish it since it was over 3 hours long.... It was very good BUT there was a few uncomfortable "mating" scenes since alot of the topic is "be fruitful and multiply" ect. (nothing to hot and heavy). I know the dvd stuck with Kelly because when we walked the dogs, she spoke of Joseph and all he had to go thru and that's the most I can ask from a dvd : )

One of the activities for this lesson mentioned in MOH is to make multi colored cookies, but I was thinking of maybe making those rainbow cupcakes I need to find the directions for that again. As we move along with our MOH lessons I really wish we would have made a time line to go with our learning, it is getting really hard to remember who is who and what time frame each one is in... I didn't want to start one with all our "property tax issues".

Heard from my son and he and my daughter-in-law want to take Kelly ice skating this weekend, so she will be leaving Friday afternoon after my son get's out of work. It will be exciting for her she has never skated before....

I thought since it is getting closer and closer to the holiday I need to do something... So I suggested to my son that when he and my daughter-in-law bring back Kelly on Sunday night we will have a trimming of the tree party at our house. I figured that will make me have to get my butt in gear and get the tree out and up. I also want to get a few of those logs that when they burn they change colors and use them in our fireplace for the party, giving it a bit more of a Christmas feel to the evening. We haven't gotten any presents yet, not sure when we will get those.... but my heart was happy when Kelly said "Mom how the heck did we get from Christmas being about the birth of Jesus to it being all about a santa and buying gifts"? Honestly, I don't know why we all have gotten so far away from celebrating the true holiday : (

Until Next time - God Bless!!

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