Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family & friends, and you found wonderful treasures under the tree for you!!

It was mighty hot here today in my part of Florida, so it really made it seem even less like Christmas then usual. I cooked a turkey and all the treamings for those in my family that eat meat. No one was very hungry and everyone just picked so it was kinda a shame I should have just served pizza. My husband is sick so needless to say he was a crank butt and my son was not feeling well either so together they both were trying their best to ruin the holiday for the rest of us : ( I just tried to ignore it even tho parts of the day I felt like crying, but the best part of the day is that it is over for us! My son & daughter-in-law have moved on to visit with her family, my husband went to bed and Kelly is playing her new video games which she seems to like so all is good : )

Best Wishes & God Bless You!!

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Music Star said...

Same to u & visit mine.