Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trimming Of The Tree Party

We had our trimming of the tree party tonight and it went very well! We got a fire going in the fireplace even tho as you can see my son was wearing shorts.... but I thought it added a little something to the evening. I threw in some frozen pizzas so I wouldn't have to cook, this allowed me time to enjoy my company instead of running around the kitchen like I usually do. I also made chocolate chip muffins and had ice cream but nobody wanted any : ( We bought all white lights for the tree this year and gold garland which made the tree look a bit different from other years. I didn't bring out any of the many other different Christmas decorations that we have just trying to keep it simple this year. I placed a white shower curtain that I got from the dollar store aound the bottom of the tree, I thought it would look like snow but it kinda looks cheezy, Oh well I'll have to try something else next year. It was a fun evening and even tho I have no holiday spirit at all, I am so glad we did it! Happy Holidays!!


Rhonda said...

These photos are just wonderful. I love the fireplace and the tree! I hope that your holiday spirit comes soon. Hugs.

Fatcat said...

I think the tree is pretty with it's little white skirt. I know sometimes when you're feeling kind of blah it's hard to make an effort but it's almost always worth it!

I'm glad you had fun.