Sunday, December 18, 2011

Through My Eyes

I recently got another good book from the library: "Through My Eyes" by Tim Tebow. I am really enjoying the book! He talks about being homeschooled and all its perks and of course football. He gives alot of credit to his Mom& Dad which is so rare these days where kids rip their parents up one end and down another. He speaks of how little he watched tv, I really belive as a whole if we all didn't have tvs, computers, video games ect we would all be better off - We would have to talk to each other and think of things to do instead of always being stimulated by things.... He also goes into detail of his daily workouts - Holy Cow! He started at a very early age, his commitment to getting into the best shape possible is unbelivable. If the world only had more Tim Tebows in it, It sure would be a better place.

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