Monday, October 27, 2008

7am. Monday Morning

I have to pass on a tip I found which I am sure you all most likely know about already.... Did you know you can set your Homeschool blog friends list up so you can see when someone posts to their blog? It has been such a time saver for me. Now I don't have to go to each blog and see if it has been up-dated or not.

I worked on our schedule for the week yesterday - It was pretty hairy here though. As I have mentioned our water tank has a hole so my husband bypassed it and now the pump goes on when you need water.... Well now you may be in the shower and it just shuts off and doesn't come back on. Needless to say my husband was ranting and raving about that all day - I tried to wash some forks up for dinner and he yelled at me that we aren't going to have any water at all if I keep using it. Soooo the dishes are piled sky high in the sink which I hate.
Back to the school schedule, I think I have a nice handle on it this week. I am also adding in a craft pumpkin that you use crayon scraps, wax paper and then you iron it. I just have to locate my iron.... I know I have one some where : )

Picking up the Angel Food Ministires box was a adventure. The truck was very late in getting there and the lines to pick up the food where huge so I left and went over to the library for a while then came back. I had brought plastic bags which was such a mistake - they had to find me two boxes. Then since I was by myself there was no way I could carry the two boxes,but a nice man helped me carry one all the way to my car. It seemed like alot of food but when I put it away it looks like I didn't get much. I am not used to cooking steak type meat (we never have it) so I guess I over cooked the bonless ribeye steaks that I had gotten, they were so chewy everyone didn't care for them. I think they needed to be grilled but we don't have one. I will let you know about the rest of the things in the box as I use them. Just not sure if I will order again from them....

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have ordered from Angel Food Ministries a couple of times also. It is a neat ministry and we had fun with the few times we ordered it. But I will say that some of the food ends up going to waste since no one really likes some of it...well except the dog. Ha! The meatloafs, salsbury steaks, and other processed meats are the ones that we usually end up giving to the dogs. The other meat is fun to have because, like you, we don't usually have a fancy variety of meats...mostly hamburger and chicken. We haven't ordered for the past couple of months either. I've decided that I will be extrememly picky on the months I will order...if I order any more. Other than that, we have enjoyed the ministry. And I think the late truck is not a usual thing. But I can only imagine how crazy it must have been. I think I'll go look at November's list to see what it looks sister-in-law said it looked pretty good.