Monday, October 13, 2008

Up's and Down's of the Weekend.....

This weekend has had it's good points and terrible points about it!
The good - I had fun shopping at Winn Dixie and getting $65.00 worth of veg. cans, they were 20 for $10.00. I also put in my first order at the Angel Food Ministries. Isn't sad that this is the highlights of my weekend! I am now officially broke again, all of the puppy money has been spent. I had really hoped to get a chance to take Kelly to the dentist to have those terrible cavities she has on her back teeth pulled out but that's out the window now. I did buy at Walmart a few spices & baking ingredients, Since I have been reading the "Dining On A Dime" cook book I want to be able to maybe whip together some cheap meals and snacks.

On a sad note, one of our puppies (Gracie) who I had bottle fed and brought it along to where I thought she was out of the woods caught a cold and passed away last night. It just broke my heart : ( I of course have been bawling like an idiot all last night and any time someone says her name.... I had gotten so attached to her.

I have my in-laws looking when they go to garage sales for a used computer for Kelly's Christmas present, that's all she wants this year. I know she is on the computer alot, but I figure it would be either that or on the phone if she had friends around here.... I am not looking forward to the hoildays at all, I always feel much better in Jan. after they all pass. Not that we do much of anything different around here anyway so I don't know why I feel that way.

While I was at Walmart I did pick up the other piece of fleece material for that "No Sew" blanket we are going to make for Kelly's room. It is going to be a very cozy blanket : ) I will post pictures of it as we work on it.

Can you belive gas prices are going down....! We are at $3.19 a gallon. It makes you want to buy gas when you see it going down. At least something is going down in price for a little while at least.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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