Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Tues. Day : )

My husband, son & his girlfriend have all made it home safe from their trip up north! I always worry myself silly until they put their feet back on Florida soil. The trip went very well, they have alot of stories to tell which are very funny so I am glad they all enjoyed themselves. The one sticking point was Annie relized in NC. that she had lost her pocketbook in a NJ rest area.....! They called and someone had found it and are mailing it back to her. The trip was very expensive but I am blessed that we will be able to pay some of our bills at least.

I really want to start stocking up on canned good ect., just last week my husband was off of work Mon., Tues, & Wed. we can never count on how much his paycheck will be from week to week and plus with all that is going on with the country at this time I think it is a good thing to get a bit stocked up. I am enjoying the "Dining on a Dime" cookbook! It is very basic but I think my limited cooking skills can really work with these receipes and maybe save some money.... Have you all checked out "Save-A-Lot" http://www.save-a-lot.com/display.do?page=Fuel+Your+Family they have an area where they show you how to feed a family of four for $4.00 a meal. In my family nobody seems to eats breakfest... I don't drink coffee either (maybe that's why I don't have any energy). Our lunches: Tom & Kris usually take a sandwich to work - Kelly and I share one frozen pizza (they are $1.29 each at WalMart). Dinner: I am a horrible cook and not creative at all but I get food on their plates,we never have any steak ect. it is basic food. For fun I am going to try and figure out exactly how much we spend on each meal. I think one of the budget busters I have is paper towels!!!!! I use alot with all the dogs and their messes that always accure in the house. I have tired using the cheaper brands but they fall apart and are not very absorbant. I use Bounty and it works great but cost $8.00 for a package of them sometimes I use two big packages a week. Anyway, My mission this week is to start really scutinizing over where our food money is going and see if we can save in that area.
Hope every one has a Happy & Blessed Day!

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