Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Man 2008

Kelly & I cut out our pumpkin for this year - Here he is....
I can't belive we are at the end of October already and Halloween is tomorrow. Time sure does fly, What was that John Lennon quote? Life is what is going by while your making plans.... something like that.

It still is very cold here! We haven't put the heat on yet (I would have had it on but the kids said it smelt like fire when I started it up). I just hate it so cold though, but everyone else in my family seems to really be enjoying it. It brings back memories of PA. : )

How do you work with your inter-library loan books? I can only have three out at a time but I have a ton on order.... (sometimes it take only a few days to get the book and other times it takes two weeks so there is no judging the time frame). I think the librarian is getting sick of my asking for so many but with so many subjects to cover I seem to be needing a number of books they just don't have. They only give me a few days to pick them up so I may have to quickly read through each one when it comes in so I can get it back to the library so I can get the others before they ship them back.... Yikes.

My local homeschooling group seems to be falling apart. Kelly and I haven't had a chance to participate in many of their activities but now it looks like they are falling to pieces. It really all started when one mom mentioned something about the elections and since then they have been bantering about with each other. I just don't get it actually everyone has their opinion so be it. I can listen to your thoughts about a subject but it doesn't mean it will change my mind about what I think. It seems a shame that a number of the members are saying they will be leaving the group "because they don't like the direction the group it taking".....

Hope everyone is all set for Halloween and you have a spooked filled day tomorrow!!!!


Rhonda said...

Great pumpkin! Y'all did an awesome job on him! I can't tell you much about the inter-loan library books. I have never used it. We always just go in and check out the books that I need. We don't have many homeschoolers here so I can pretty much just go in and get the books that the girls need. Have a great Halloween!

Freakmom said...

Nice pumpkin!

We can have 25 "holds" at a time, that includes things our library owns. Once they come in and we check them out they don't seem to count towards our hold total anymore. I think they don't want to be pulling hundreds of books off the shelves and not have them checked out in the end. We have 3 days to pick up holds once they come in or we get a $1 a day fine.