Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thurs., One More Day Till Friday!

Good Morning, Hope everyone is doing well this week!

We had another fire in the burning pit last night, I hate to carry on, but it really gives me a nasty headache when I sit out there to long. I hated to be a party pooper but I went in early and watched Ghost Hunters. I enjoy that show, they showed a repeat last night of the St. Augustine light house which is kinda close to us. We had gone there one day "before" we had seen the Ghost Hunter's episode and were going to take a walk up the lighthouse but when we got there it was too expensive for us - It was $9.00 a person and we had the four of us (It is huge too, Not sure if this old out of shape body could have made it anyway). It would be fun to take a tour at night but since we saw the episode I think it would be just to scarry for us... They are having a Trunk or Treat at the church (that is where families park their cars and sit by their trunks and hand out candy so the kids don't have to travel around the neighborhoods) I asked Kelly if she would like to go - This kid really has never enjoyed a good Halloween! She was about 7ish when we moved down here and the first year here she was fighting with her brother and told him she was going to call 911 and she did! The police officer came to the house to check it out (we had only been here a month... what a way to start out). I told her we NEVER fool around with calling 911 and took away her Halloween privleges for that year. Since then we have never gone trick or treating here. In our area no one treat or treats, you have to drive down to town or drive over to Palm Coast which kinda takes the fun out of it. So nedless to say Kelly has never had a really fun time with Halloween (we did do alot of trick or treating in PA. but I think her memories of that have faded). Now that I think of it this kid really has been jipped in alot of areas : (

As for schooling, Going well! Today the hoof guy is coming to take care of the horses so that may put a kink in the day - If he says Roper's hooves are better we just may head out for a ride : ) I know what you are saying "Now Donna, Don't go blowing the good thing you got going"! I hear ya....

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Rhonda said...

My girls go "Trunk-or-Treating" every year at our church and they love it. We did miss it this year, but will be going to a Halloween party tomorrow night. Have a spooktacular Halloween!