Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Sure Am A Worry Wort!

Good Wed. Morning all!
It's funny how being able to pay a few bills makes me in a good mood : )
I have to go today after my son get's home from work to pay a few more people.... I am sad we aren't going to have enough to pay the property taxes but I am thinking we will use our income tax rebate check in Jan. to pay that off.

Here I was so worried when my husband, son & his girlfriend were in New York City on their return trip home from dropping off the puppies.... Just yesterday my son was driving home from work and at a gas station in town there was a man laying on the ground, police where every where with their guns drawn (I think they shot the man) and a helecopter was landing. We use this gas station alot so my son could have been getting his gas there and been in the middle of all this. The other scary thing is just a few stores down is the Bank Of America that my son does his banking at, that had gotten robbed just a few weeks ago mid morning.... and I was worried about them being in NYC! Yikes!

On the "Homeschooling" front: It is really going slow!!!!! I think we are in reverse mode. We have really hit a nasty slump where both Kelly & I have no interest in working on the school stuff. My husband was all mad last night when he heard we took another day off yesterday - He is right I have to get it back on track... One very interesting thing is our tad pole has turned from a greyish fish looking creature to a green alomst frog : ) It has been amazing to watch : )

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Day!


Sheri said...

Sometimes it is SO hard to get focused on school. At least you can make it up at the end of the year or on weekends so as long as it you get there eventually you'll be okay...that's one of the reasons we decided to do 4 weeks on 1 week off (sort of) this year. Because I tend to need a week off here and there.

Yikes about the hostage situation and robbery

Freakmom said...

With everything going on it is no wonder you guys can't concentrate on school. Try not to worry about that too much.

I know what you mean about scary things happening in our own backyards. No matter how nice the neighborhood or town there are still bad things and accidents happening every day. Glad your family is all safe.