Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It sure is cold here! We have a cold chill to the air and a strong wind at times. Not your normal Florida weather for sure! I had to dig out my pants & sweatshirt out - Yikes...

I tell you last month I was in the dumps about homeschooling and now I seem to find something great ever day to work on.... I just have to figure it all out and get us working on all this stuff : )
I have been upset with myself that we still had not got to working on learning about the states. This has been on the to do list since we started homescooling. I found a site that has a tone of stuff "50 States Notebook" http://www.squidoo.com/50statesnotebook. It looks great. My husband is a nut about knowing the state capitals for each state so that is our goal but along the way we will cover the little extras like state bird. flag ect. and also the state quarter (I thought of buying one of those quarter maps that I mentioned in an earlier post that my Dad was working before he passed for Kelly). I am also getting a book from the library that has a recipe from each state that I thought we would try and make. Then it also lists living books that happened in each state http://www.mrsmcgowan.com/projects/flags/states_books.htm#Georgia
http://www.carolhurst.com/subjects/states.html I thought we could get a few of them from the library. It sounds like a fun plan now I just have to get it all together and start it!

Today's lessons were cut semi-short, It was cold in the house and Kelly's nose & eye were running so possibly she is getting a cold.... We were working on Astronomy (not one of her favorites) and I saw she wasn't really paying much attention (she was more worried about staying wrapped up in her "no sew" blanket that we made). Hopefully tomorrow will warm up a bit and we can hit the studies hard again.

A note about the Angel Food Ministires food we got, So far we have had the boneless Rib eye steaks & the boneless pork chops and both were terrible! The meat was tough as shoe leather and tasteless : ( I don't think we will be ordering anytime soon.

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