Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wake Up, It's Wed.!

I think I have found a great Christmas idea I can give to just about everyone on my shopping list.... the "No Sew Blanket"! Kelly and I made one for her yesterday (I will post pictures soon). It was sooo easy, fast to make and I think they are really cute. We don't buy Christmas gifts for many people at all.... the kids, my in-laws and my son's girlfriend so this could really work out for me and that it is kinda homemade is even better.

Speaking of my in-laws, I e-mailed her again since they weren't answering my e-mails (I wasn't sure with my computer having major virus problems ect. if the e-mails were going through) anyway she sends off a e-mail with such a "tone" to it. I was taken a back by it - All I did was ask her to keep a look out for three items I am searching for for Chrsitmas gifts. She said that they couldn't "promise" my anything... these people go to no less the 50 garage sales each weekend sometimes more. I know nothing is for sure but with going to that many sales I think their chances of finding a used computer, coffee maker & blender are pretty good. She kept asking my how my husband was in the e-mail, She seemed really worried about him. I wrote her back that he is fine - I come to find out he didn't want to go down to their house this past Sunday to paint her washroom so he must have told her he was feeling sick. Here I get the back lash from them because I am seeming like I don't care about their son's health when it is all a lie! They used to treat me better then they treated their own children but I guess my husband has been telling them stories/lies when he goes down there without me... : (

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today!!!!!

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The Cooking Lady said...

We did the no-sew blankets for our community service one year through our homeschool group. We sent them to troops overseas. It was wonderful and oh so simple!