Sunday, October 5, 2008

What A Day We Had!!!!!!! : (

You will NOT belive the day we had yesterday!!!!!! To be honest I kinda don't belive it either.
I got Kelly up early (9:30am) and we shot downtown to PetsMart for our first stop. Kelly picked out a very cute purple polk-dot collar for her dog Reba. We get to the cashier and my PayPal debit card won't work! Okay I stayed calm I tried it again and it said denied. I stood there dumbfounded, I knew I checked the balance just before my husband left for the trip up north and I had $247.00 available. We left the store and I just sat in the car a few minutes, It was like a bad movie was unfolding in front of my eyes. The only money we had for the next 3 or 4 days was on that card!!!!!! My stomach was in a knot driving home. When we got home (Thank God my son left us enough gas in the car to be able to go back and forth) I checked my PayPal account and sure enough it said I owed them $118.00. I was in a panic, I had no money for food, the horses & dogs had no food what was I going to do for the next 3 days.... I looked over the account and I found an error - FPL charged me $367.00 twice. I called PayPal, they said the see the error but can't fix it without the okay from FPL, I called them they said it wasn't their doing it was Wester Union who handles the credit card payments for their bills, I called them the girl said unless I have three way calling (I don't have three way calling) and can get PayPal on the line she can't give her authorization. I am now crazed, I called Pay Pal again I talked to no less them 5 different people there - They were getting sick of me and my tone of voice was getting nasty. I had two supervisors tell me that there was nothing they could do! I just couldn't let that be the finale word- I NEEDED that money. I sat there and started to cry! Kelly was like "Mom", but I just couldn't help it. I called PayPal again and got a lady who I pleaded with and she fixed the error and freeded up my account so I could use it.
Even though the day was totally ruined we shot back down to PetsMart, the girl was still working she said they had put the collar back on the shelf (It wasn't there so Kelly picked out something else that I could tell she wasn't very happy with but went with it anyway). Then we went over to Walmart and I used the ATM machine I figured I was just going to pull most of the money out so we would not have any more problems the rest of the weekend - My card would not work.... I asked a cashier to run a purchase and that worked so we got some dog food & picked out a fleece fabric for the blanket we wanted to make. By now Kelly was feeling sick and I was just so drained so we agreed we would food shop another day. I stopped and picked up chinese food and then headed for home - Then you know what I did! I drove straight over a large glass beer bottle and shattered glass every where! I looked at Kelly and just held my breath.... We made it home but now I a wreak that we might not have a car to use to go food shopping with!!!!! And to top it all off - I bought only one panel for the blanket, I was supposta buy two so now we can't even work on that : (
My gosh it sure was one of those days...... I just feel soooooo bad for Kelly, It just seems we can never just have any fun at all.

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Luke said...

I am so sorry! I'm glad the card issue worked out. Hang in there!